Jamison was especially selected for this project. She has the face and demeanour that I was looking for. A shy, tiny girl with eyes that say a lot. I love photographing her. This is my second time, but I hope that her mum will let me continue as she grows. It would be a privilege.


Three Dresses Project

I have created this blog to showcase my special portrait images. They are a little moody, a little bit different to my usual child shots. They don’t fit in. I needed to find them a home, somewhere where they will feel comfortable in each others company.
These shots are very special to me. They mark a departure from family photography to somewhere where I long to inhabit. A moodier, unusual portrait of a child. This is where I am being pulled and this is where I need to go. Tomorrow another door will open perhaps…

So, here I am…

Rose makes these beautiful floating movements when she poses, she is such an expressive, physical little person. The camera loves her.